Academic And Career Counseling

Why ?? Why ???

Have We Ever Asked Ourselves The Question : Why ??:
Why Same Age
Why Same Class
Why Same Teacher
Why Same Books
Why Same System
But Different Result !!!!
We Have An Answer To All Your Why’s.

Find Your Child’s Learning Styles
Imagine how successful you and your child can be with a brilliant mind, Lightning-fast learning skills, an accurate lasting memory, and the creativity and problem solving skills of a GENIUS.Howard Gardener defines intelligence as: “an ability to solve problems or fashion products that are valued in one or more cultures.” It is how we learn, process, and understand information. He published a famous book “Frames of Mind” in 1983
The question is not “How smart am I?” but rather “How am I smart?”

Based on Howard Gardener Theory we have Eight Kinds of Intelligence:-
1) Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence
2) Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
3) Visual-Spatial Intelligence
4) Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence
5) Musical-Rhythmic Intelligence
6) Interpersonal-Social Intelligence
7) Intrapersonal Intelligence
8) Naturalistic-Physical World Intelligence

On the basis of the Educational Interest, Personality and Aptitude Assessments we can get a clear picture on what are his strengths and what kind of Intelligence does he have.
In present times identifying these strengths and then Counseling on the Academic and Career side gives good results.