Almost every one suffers from occasional depression, low sad mood, Anxiety due to:
• Anxious about future
• Suffering from financial loss,
• Losing a job,
• Loosing near and dear ones,
• Chronic illness
This is normal for any human being for a reasonable amount of time.
But if the above mentioned feelings is without a specific reason or beyond a reasonable amount of time It could be signs of Clinical depression.

Why does it happen?

It happens when we:
 Cannot cope with situations around us.
 Feel the situation is beyond our control.
 Have prolonged stress in our life leading to anxiety and depression


• chemical imbalance in the brain, injury, handicap, illness like diabetes, arthritis etc.
• low self esteem, negative thinking.
• e.g. Death, Divorces, Marriages, Loss of job etc.
• e.g. Natural calamities like floods, earthquake etc.

Stress in Adults

 Financial problem
 Familial neglect
 Job insecurity
 Time management
 Work Target pressure
 Deteriorating physical health
 Death/ separation of any loved one
 Violence in the neighborhood, community, world.

Stress in Working Women/ Homemakers
 Dual responsibility
 Marital problems
 Physical strains/ abuse
 Financial dependence
 Boredom

Signs and Symptoms of Depression
 Sleep disturbances-insomnia, oversleeping, waking up early
 Changes in appetite or eating: much more or much less
 Decreased energy, fatigue, lethargy
 Headaches, stomachaches, digestive problems

 Persistent sad or "empty" mood,
 Excessive guilt and self criticism
 Crying "for no reason"
 Feeling hopeless, helpless or worthless
 Feeling irritable, agitated or anxious
 Thoughts of death or suicide

 Loss of interest or pleasure in activities that were once enjoyed, such as going out with friends, hobbies, sports, low sex- drive, etc.
 Difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions
 Neglecting personal hygiene & personal appearance or self care
 Neglecting responsibilities
 Increased risk taking behavior
 Unreasoned irritability and anger
 Social withdrawal

If you notice any of the symptoms of depression in any of your friends or family, here are a few things that you can do:
1. Offer support by listening carefully and offering to be there for them
2. Invite the person to join you in activities that you know he or she used to enjoy. Take comments about suicide seriously and seek professional advice.
3. Encourage the person to make an appointment with a doctor. Maybe go along for support. Encourage the person not to put off doing important work. Offer to do it together. Encourage the person to get a good seven or eight hours sleep every night.
4. Help the person to plan their day or week to gain a sense of control.
5. 5. If they are given a treatment plan or medicine from the doctor, encourage them to stick with it as improvement may take several weeks.
6. 6. Encourage the person to try relaxation methods such as deep breathing, walking or other exercise.
7. 7. Encourage the person to take some time every day to do something they enjoy.

Healthy Coping Mechanism
• Doing manual and physical work
• Eating right and exercise (Nutritious and balance diet)
• Yoga/ meditation

Emotional: • Communicate your feeling and situation.
• Doing activities which makes you happy.
• Practice love and compassion for others – it makes you feel better and happier.
• Reducing work related stress- Break large tasks into small ones and set realistic targets and priorities

• Stop being alone or living alone
• Sharing problems with trusted friends/ family
• Participate in the activities that you enjoy(with people)
Those with severe depression need to consult expert, Doctors, Counselors etc.