Marital Counselling

It is said that marriages are made in heaven and the life partners are already fixed there. Its just that the destiny helps them to meet each other and spend their whole life together. We have heard about Cinderella’s love story that how her prince charming met her and freed her from her miserable life and then they lived happily everafter. But this is a fairy tale and real life stories are not always like the fairy tales because the adjustments which are to be done in marriages are totally different to those compared to fairy tales, films etc. Undoubtedly, the choice of marital partner is one of the important decisions one makes in his/her lifetime. People marry for many reasons like love, affection, companionship, desire to have children etc. Marital adjustments level differs with respect to age, gender, time, place, geographical conditions and profession.
In Psychology Marital Adjustment can be defined as “the process during which partners in a marriage adapt and change to their new roles complementing each other acting as a team opposed to two separate units, it is also important to unify the following – interests and values, maintaining open lines of communication and encouraging the expression of each other’s communication.” Shortly after ‘tying the knot’ the new couple will enter into marital adjustment where they will establish their place within the relationship found their feet in the new life.”
The success of marital life much depends upon the success in marital adjustment by the husband and wife. Marital maladjustment results in conflicts and tensions and many a time divorce.
Marital Adjustment and Psychological wellbeing is related to each other. Psychological wellbeing is particularly viewed as a positive functioning of an individual and is described as the quality of life of a person.
In the present era of globalization and industrialization, women are educated and work keeping their interest in mind. This not only provides recognition to the women but also adds their recognition to the society. Inspite of all these facts they face many problems in the society and it becomes difficult to balance the family and work life and as a result there arise problems in marital adjustment. So there are advantages and disadvantages of both working and Non-working couples in Marital Adjustment.

Assessments and Therapies
Various Assessments are done amongst the couples and on the basis of the Assessments therapies like Talk Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, CBT etc. are done as required. The chances of divorce reduction increases on the basis of these therapies.