Self-image is a belief we hold in ourselves. These beliefs are formed as a result of all those little or big chitter chatter we hear about ourselves. There is never a fixed self- image. People grow, habits change and based on our success and failures our belief in yourself changes. This belief is based on how we perceive ourselves. But the value we give to these beliefs is what forms our confidence, this is the value others will give us, this is the kind of respect we demand consciously or sub-consciously.  Something to ask yourself, while standing in front of the mirror, 1. Do I know you? Do I know your strengths and weaknesses?
2. Do the strengths of the person in the mirror make me feel strong and positive about myself?
3. Am just glad to see the person in the mirror or do you really feel happy about what you see?
The answers to these questions might suggest whether we have a positive or a negative self-image. It directly affects our mental health. The effects of a positive self-image lead us to a positive self-esteem. Which pass on the ripple to other aspects of our life too. A healthy mind being a major output, leads to more positivity and a feeling that is fulfilling. However, the effects of a negative self-image might lead to more serious mental health concerns.  There are various reasons contributing to a negative self-image and we at Life Is Beautiful want to help you identify these contributors and help you feel confident in your own skin. Help you, not only to identify but also command the respect in your persona with the help of image management. You can get in touch with our expert at