Effective Communication

Communication plays an important role in maintaining healthy Relationships.In Present Times the maximum Relationships fail to be healthy due to lack of Communication.All Relationships have Ups and Downs but a healthy Communication can prevent Conflicts and misunderstandings amongst the
Relationships.Increasing exposure to Technology and Social media can be the reasons for the Communication Gap as people are more involved in social media rather than the person sitting beside them.The barriers of silence need to be broken if we genuinely want to communicate.
Communication can be verbal and non-verbal.It depends on how do we communicate.Some people are smart in expressing through words and some speak more clearly through their actions.Most of the people come with the reasons of breaking the relationship saying their Spouse or Family members being more busy with their Social Media Groups,Facebook,Whatsapp,Instagram,SnapChat!
In Modern world we are more connected with outer world rather than the one with or besides Us.Where do we stand?lets ask ourselves and make efforts to enrich relationships with our near and dear ones.Half of the Social or Emotional Health issues are solved due to Healthy or Effective discussions by explaining the person our situation we are going through.Once the person shares his/her issue with the near and dear ones they get a sigh of relief and feel vented.This is the primary step to solving Unresolved issues.Lets break the Silence and take our first step towards Effective Communication!