Problems faced by college going Indian students

1. Smoking and Drinking
There was a time when smoking and drinking were considered bad, at least publically, but the time has changed and now it’s considered as a style statement for the college students. Believe me the gender of the students doesn’t matter. In-fact girls are nowadays heavier smoker than the boys. Not drinking and not smoking is considered as being out of the team and so the students join either reluctantly or joyfully but they do join the band wagon.
Solution: Treat your children as your friends and inquire them often about their friends and how their social standing in the college groups is? Also ask if they are compelled to do anything as a part of the protocol to join any group

2. Lack of interest
Most of the students join college after performing nicely in their 12th standard so most of them think that it’s the time to enjoy for which they have already worked hard. They spend more time partying and roaming after bunking their lectures as its fine to bunk most of the lectures, at least they think so.
Solution: Sit with them and help them chart out their career path so that they understand the college will just give them a degree but if they concentrate well then they can go far.

3. Food
Most of the students eat in mess as it’s convenient. The food there has different taste and smell and most of its bad. I personally remember tasting the vegetable rice at my brother’s college mess and it tasted like it was meant for hospital and it smelled also like that. I hardly could handle two spoons and then had to leave it. I preferred sleeping hungry instead of eating that rice. When such things happen, the students start eating junk food and as we all know that it’s good sometimes but regularly eating junk food can cause illness and thus waste precious time to study.
Solution: Visit them often and check the quality of the food they are eating. It’s a good idea to take along some home prepared snacks for them as it serves the purpose of maintaining their health as well as keeping them connected with the family.

4. Stress
Stress to perform and peer pressure is common nowadays in this time of constant competition. There are innumerable tests, projects and add to them extra activities and they need to handle all the things otherwise they would not become known and be treated like outcasts from the community.
Solution: Ask them about their activities and the routine they are following in the college and you check for yourself about the load they are handling. Inquire about bullying from them.

5. Part-time job
Most of students are coming from the middle class background and higher fees compel them to take up some part time jobs as they wish to reduce the burden of their parents but their study suffers as it’s hard to handle studies and job and still perform at both the places, which creates a cycle of backlog and stress and ultimately may result in the dropout.
Solution: Create new contacts if there be the need and help them getting in to decent non-stress part time job. Believe me it can work wonders in their life.

6. Relationship
New students enter the college with high hopes of creating new relations and they are ready to go to any level in making and maintaining these relations. This habit gives them immense mental pressure as they are learning to cope up with the friends of opposite sex.
Solution: Check their social media accounts and see who they are following. Meet their friends personally and remember them.

7. Roommates
They can be angles or devils. Mine were devilish and they would finish my mom sent snacks before me and also steal my books and anything they could lay their hands on. As a result my grades suffered greatly as I was not able to handle the situation created by bad roommates.
Solution: Visit them at their rooms and familiarize yourself with their roommates and if possible carry extra snacks for then too, sometimes at least.

8. Sleep time
Most of the students prefer the night time for reading or even chilling which results in poor sleep and decreased overall performance and increased anxiety. Especially this is true during the exam time when the requirement of the sleep is the highest.
Solution: You can’t do anything in this habit so stop stressing yourself as it’s temporary during the exam time only.

9. Homesickness
Most of the students have left their homes for the first time so it is natural that they are missing their parents and near and dear ones. Some may get opportunity to meet their parents during weekend if they are staying nearby for its not possible for the students staying far from their home for better education.
Solution: When you are in the city make it a point to meet them or maybe visit them without any work and maybe take them out for treat. You can also use video calling.

Vipul N. Musani