Q. What is Life Is Beautiful?
A. ‘Life Is Beautiful’ is an online platform for emotional and psychological well-being. At Life Is Beautiful, we offer comprehensive online counseling and therapy, provide valuable information on psychological wellness, and work with organisations to meet similar goals. We offer one-on-one sessions via phone, online chat and video consultation with our expert team of Homeopath, Psychologists, Paediatricians, Dietician, Yoga Gurus and Image Consultant.
Q. Do I have to sign up to the website?
A. The Life Is Beautiful website is open to all users. Those who wish to avail of the informative reads to understand behavioural wellness do not need to register with us. Some sections of the website that involve asking our experts questions, undertaking behavioural assessments or booking a session for counseling or therapy however, require registration. Hence, you would need to sign up with us to access the same.
Q. How old do I need to be to avail the services of Life Is Beautiful?
A. Life Is Beautiful services are geared towards people who are 18 years or older. To register with us, you will have to be above 18 years of age. Our counseling and therapy services are for the 18+ age group but our experts provide guidance and educational sessions for parents to help positively influence their children and adolescents.
Q. What are the different modes of Therapy at Life Is Beautiful?
A. 1) Video conferencing sessions 2) Telephonic Consultations 3) WhatsApp chat
Q. What is Online Therapy?
A. Online therapy is the provision of counseling and therapy services via a secure platform on the Internet. This is achieved through real time video conferencing where our professionals have a virtual face-to-face interaction with individuals, audio consultation through a phone, or a live chat session over the internet.
Q. Is Online Therapy safe?
A. At Life Is Beautiful we take personal information privacy seriously.We make great efforts to ensure that all communication between you and your therapist – written, audio and video are safe and confidential. Your safety is our priority. All email and chat data is encrypted on our servers. Our experts are also trained to maintain the highest standards of professional conduct by keeping your information private.
Q. How effective is online therapy?
A. Online therapists are trained to solve emotional problems, relationship issues and relieve stress using the internet as a medium.Research has revealed that professional counseling and therapy offered online has as effective an impact as in-person counseling; in many cases the impact has been even more sustained and long lasting. Online therapy adopts a range of techniques wherein the client can access a therapist from anywhere, at a convenient time while maintaining privacy and confidentiality. Sometimes it is easier to talk remotely rather than being face-to-face as this can foster a better sense of control. The online interaction makes the process non-threatening. This allows clients to feel more comfortable and they express themselves better.
Q. What sort of issues are handled at Life Is Beautiful?
A. The Life Is Beautiful counseling team provides a range of services to help you cope with difficult times. Our experts are professionally trained to manage relationship concerns, stress related issues (job, studies), adjustment difficulties, problems related to lifestyles, family conflict, parental guidance, anger management, time management and communication skills. We also deal with anxiety, personality problems, depression, problems related to excessive use of drugs, alcohol, smoking, emotional control issues, and eating disorders.
Q. How long does a session last?
A. Usually, Life Is Beautiful sessions are 30 or 60 minutes in duration. But in some cases, depending on the issue and the frequency of sessions, the therapist might opt for a longer session as well. This however, is entirely at the discretion of the therapist and hence we advise you to discuss the same with him/her. It is good practice to stick to session timings. However, in exceptional circumstances, if your session is running over time because a critical issue is being explored, you can request your therapist for an extension which they will accommodate solely based on their discretion and availability. The fee for extension would be prorated.
Q. Can my issues be solved in one session?
A. It is most likely that you may not finish discussing all of your concerns in one session, as human emotions/ emotional problems are complex and deep-seated. Counseling and therapy works best when goals and timelines are set. At Life Is Beautiful, we like to focus on solutions rather than problems and we adopt a systematic approach towards the same. So in each session with us you would be working towards attaining a specific goal. The success and the effectiveness of this process depends upon the exchange that takes place during the session and the feedback. This process is difficult to master in a single session. It is good practice to stick to session timings. However, in exceptional circumstances, if your session is running over time because a critical issue is being explored, you can request your therapist for an extension which they may accommodate solely based on their discretion and availability. The fee for extension would be prorated.
Q. How long does therapy last?
A. Therapy involves a structured, time-bound and collaborative effort from both the therapist and the client. Both need to work together to uncover the root of the problem and generate realistic solutions. Brief therapies have definitive goals and involve 6 to 8 sessions with cognitive feedback and homework exercises to initiate self-change. For long-standing issues and personality problems this may take more time. For the initial progress to kick in, regular weekly sessions with a therapist are important. Change is typically evident by the 4th or 5th session although a single session can also be transformative. Once the initial crisis has been resolved, the sessions could be switched to every two weeks or monthly in order to reinforce the skills that have been learned in the previous sessions.
Q. How frequently do I have to take my sessions?
A. This depends on the nature and severity of the issue being addressed. The counseling sessions are structured based on the latest evidence and best practices. The first and often the second session involve understanding your problem and uncovering the reasons as to why you feel the way you do. The therapist and you then formulate the goals you want to achieve. Usually we advise weekly sessions and recommend 5-6 sessions at the outset. It is nonetheless advisable for you to consult your therapist for a clearer understanding.
Q. How do I choose my therapist?
A. The therapists section of the website lists all available Life Is Beautiful therapists. You can view their qualifications, specialisations, areas of expertise and their availability. Based on your preferences, you can select a suitable therapist and book an appointment.
Q. Can I change my expert during the course of my therapy?
A. We do not advise you to change your expert mid-way as they will have been working with you for some time and it is possible that you lose some of the gains that you have made together in the therapy process. However, if you do wish to change your therapist for any reason, please write to us at support@lifeisbeautiful.co.in stating the specific reasons for change. We will review your e-mail, explore the best possible options for you and get back to you within 2 working days with alternatives.
Q. What if I am not satisfied with my therapist?
A. All our therapists will work with you in an evidence based and scientific manner to ensure that you can get the best possible outcomes from your engagement with Life Is Beautiful. However, we do understand that a successful therapeutic relationship is contingent upon the level of comfort, empathy and self-disclosure during your therapy session. Due to any reason, if you are not satisfied with your expert, please write to us at support@lifeisbeautiful.co.in describing the concern. We will review your e-mail, explore the best possible options for you and get back to you within 4 working days with alternatives.
Q. Can I reach out to my therapist in case of an emergency?
A. Life Is Beautiful is a platform for coaching, counseling and therapy to ensure sustainable gains. At this stage we do not handle emergencies. Also, to protect your and our expert’s privacy and confidentiality, we do not provide personal contact information of either party to the other. Over the course of therapy, if an emergency does arise, we suggest you seek help at the nearest hospital or emergency room where you can connect with a psychiatrist, social worker, counselor or therapist, in person. We also recommend you involve a family member or a friend to assist you in times like these.
Q. How do I end therapy?
A. Usually therapy is terminated when all or most of the therapy goals are attained and you begin to notice improvements in your condition. It is also important that such acquired progress be maintained over time. The process should be mutually discussed between you and your therapist. In certain cases, the therapist may suggest that you take follow-up sessions at regular and specific intervals which may be more infrequent than in the initial stages. It is generally advised that you discuss all of your concerns about termination with your therapist, and take a mutually agreed decision.
Q. What are assessments?
A. Assessments are assigned to the user during the course of therapy, based on the discussion and interaction during the session. The experts discuss the results for these assessments during the following session to guide self-change.
Q. Do I have to pay for these assessments?
A. The price varies according to the requirement.
Q. Is it mandatory to take these assessments?
A. It is not mandatory to take these assessments but these assessments help the therapists to provide a target oriented therapy on the basis of its results.
Q. Are these results shared with anyone?
A. No. The results are kept confidential and it’s not shared with anyone.
Q. Can I access the Life Is Beautiful platform from my mobile or tablet?
A. Yes. You can access the website from your mobile/tablet.
Q. Are these sessions timed? If I want to extend my session, can I do that?
A. The Life Is Beautiful counseling and therapy sessions are timed. Usually the sessions are 30 to 60 minutes in duration. But in some cases, depending on the issue and whether you want an extension, the expert might agree to have a longer session. This is entirely at the discretion of the expert and we advise you to discuss the same with them. If your session is running beyond the scheduled time, you can request for an extension. The fee for extension would be prorated.
Q. What information do you collect from me?
A. You register with Life Is Beautiful using your email address and we request your name and telephone number for maintaining additional contact via phone and SMS when needed. When you respond to the assessment tools that your expert shares with you during the process of therapy or counseling, we retain your assessment reports. All information you provide is encrypted and hence, secured.
Q. What do you do with my information?
A. At Life Is Beautiful we use your contact details to send you reminders and notifications for upcoming appointments, cancelled appointments, recommended assessments, and relevant articles on our blog. We use your anonymised data to understand behavioural trends across our services and users. This process does not use any identifiable data and therefore, your identity is not revealed to anyone as part of the analysis.
Q. Can I use Life Is Beautiful services anonymously?
A. successful therapeutic rapport finds its base in honesty, interpersonal respect and trust. Self-disclosure is an essential component of the therapist-client relationship. Hence it is recommended that you share your personal details with us. We ensure that communication between you and your therapist – written, audio and video is safe and confidential.
Q. Are the sessions recorded? Is any of my session-related information preserved?
A. None of the video or voice sessions are recorded. Life Is Beautiful retains your personal information to support you through the counseling process and to enable you to use the Life Is Beautiful member services. Your assessment results and the therapy notes created by your therapist stay on our secure servers for assisting the therapy process. All this information is encrypted using the recommended industry standards for security, and is available only to you and your therapist at any point in time.